About Us

Who what where?

Hi there, my name is Kate and I am the creator and writer of Pink Chevron.

I decided that I had come to a stage in my life were I wanted to do something…. Something different from what I would call ‘normal life’.

Writing, books, blogs, and internet pages was an area that interested me lots, and I loved reading about other people’s experiences on forums and message boards. I was getting bored with everyday tasks such as working, running around maintaining a house and ensuring my son was taken care of. I felt i needed something extra for me, so decided to build my own site and start writing about things that interest me, in the hope it would interest you, and would give me a new purpose.

Building this site, choosing a name, learning about setting up a blog was challenging and it took a while as I am a full time working mother. The overwhelming fear of this falling flat did not deter me…. I am here and will continue to strive to build a site for normal women, who live a real life and want to read about subjects that matter to them.

I hope you stick around, have a look about and feel free to contact me on the contact page….. Kate

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